The project Airborne keeps its route toward the improvement of search and rescue operations in mountain environments. The whole consortium met last week to make a point about the development of the innovative robotic platforms under design. That week was organized in three separated sessions, two of them dedicated to the first integration of the professional rescue technologies, ARTVA and RECCO, with the drones build by ASLATECH. The works were conducted under the supervision of UNIBO and with the collaboration of the end user, i.e. the CAI, which had tested the bare drone for more than 48 flight hours. The last part of the week constituted the first review meeting in which also the non technical partner PV was involved to keep updated and to coordinate its efforts for the future planned steps. The outcomes of the week were promising and the consortium is working feverishly for making progresses and to be ready by this summer, which represents starting of the first benchmark period.