The future of rescue is approaching: the Airborne drone’s patent has just been filed. All the project partners have been involved in the achievement of this goal, that confirms how research activities are going in the right direction: from the prototype to a mature technology.

The Airborne drone patented is a safety device that has kept the promises of the project.

First of all it is now officially equipped with efficient antennas receiving signals from avalanche transceiver (i.e. ARTVA), but it can also detects any response signals emitted by passive components, in particular RECCO transponder.
This drone has tracking systems that go beyond GPS and maintain their effectiveness even in extreme conditions (for example within wooded areas). Furthermore, its robustness allows it to fly safely even in extreme weather conditions and at very low temperatures.

But it is not the technology itself that motivate us.


The number of mountain lovers is increasingly growing and this means a higher risk of accidents among skiers and mountaineers. A risk not only for the victims, but also for the rescuers, because after the detachment of an avalanche, the ground is heavily uneven and unstable.

When our research will become a concrete safety device available to rescue teams in the most renowned skiing resorts, we truly hope that mountain lovers will be able to live their passion with greater safety. Without forgetting the good standards of behavior in mountain, of course: the truth is we hope that our technology will be very helpful, but little used.