Want to know more about Airborne? Join ICRA 2020 Conference.

We are really proud to announce that Airborne will participate in the 2020 Edition of ICRA, the annual event of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

Due to the current exceptional circumstance, the event has been re-envisioned as a virtual conference that went online on Sunday, May 31, 2020 and will stay available until August 31.Our researchers will contribute with two papers, both focusing on the coupling of the drones and the ARVA technology.

Currently, when an ARVA signal is detected, the receiver hold by the rescuer provides information about the electromagnetic field generated by the transmitter (on the victim) sensed at the receiver device location. The rescuers are trained to interpret these data and to move closer to the victim location. Unfortunately, this technique requires a significant amount of time due to the difficulties in walking in avalanche terrains. A special system, called ARVA2, is currently used and it represents one of the forefront technologies nowadays used in S&R operations in case avalanches.

In this situation, the ARVA driven drones can fly autonomously to find the transmitter location thus resulting in faster and especially safer search. For this reason, in the first paper, we have developed an algorithm that estimates the victim location by following a trajectory that is sufficiently “rich” in ARVA data. In developing this research, we faced the big challenge introduced by the noise corrupting the ARVA signal whose magnitude grows with the relative distance between the transmitter and the receiver.

Despite the huge amount of sensors supported by Robot Operating System (ROS) simulation tools, a method to simulate the ARVA transceiver has not yet been developed. In the second paper the Airborne researchers thus faced this issue developing a feasible and effective robotic solution to support alpine S&R teams in rescuing avalanche victims: the arva_sim, a ROS package implementing the ARVA system, and in interfacing it with the Gazebo simulator.

To go deep into these issues, join the conference: all registered participants will have full access to proceedings.

More information are online at the event website (http://www.icra2020.org/).