Challenges and Opportunities Outside the Lab

Research perspectives on drones specifically motivated by their use in relevant application contexts outside the lab

On September 4th Lorenzo Marconi, principal investigator and coordinator of the Airborne Project, will join the forty-second Workshop of the Research Center for Complex Systems and Network Sciences, South East University.

The talk will be the opportunity to deal on how the use of drones in real life environments unveils challenging control problems that are hardly imaginable within an indoor flight arena and that inspire new research areas well broader than the specific motivating context.

Two main application areas will be thoroughly presented.

The first deals with aerial inspection of infrastructures requiring the physical contact between the drone and the inspected surface. Besides presenting industrial needs and economical impacts in the field, the talk will address specific research challenges pertaining to structural properties of the aerial robot and of the onboard control required to face dramatically different aerial scenarios.

The second is about the use of drones for search and rescue applications in hostile environments, with a specific focus on quick localization of victims buried by avalanches. The talk will report ongoing research activities carried out within Airborne, showing the technological challenges raised in the field and the potentials o fautomatic control algorithms that are revolutionizing actual search manual strategies.

Besides addressing technical research problems, the talk will also touch aspects about social innovation and financial sustainability of aerial technologies in certain fields, by identifying “orphan markets” in which controltechnologies can play a role.

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