Airborne progress meeting: productive outcomes towards the conclusion of the project

On 19 January, Airborne partners reviewed the progress of the project. A meeting in which ideas and prospects for the finalization of technology emerged.

Several improvements have been made in the last months: above all the tower for the ARTVA sensor and the shape of the antenna were changed. Now the antenna is far from the electronics, without compromising landing possibilities.
Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed down activities in the field, but mountain tests have nevertheless been carried out also under extreme weather conditions.

In the coming weeks more effective batteries to guarantee even greater reliability without compromising the weight of the aircraft will be tested. In addition, the altitude estimation will be made further more accurate. Also the engine will be subject to updates to allow greater stability in situations of exceptional wind.

In short, we are proud to say that today the Airborne drone is almost a reality. The next step will be the involvement of additional end users, who can test technology in different environments.

And after? The wish of all partners is to go beyond the European project.

Airborne, in fact, aims to be a technology in progress with the final objective of being able to ensure greater safety for rescuers and more successful in the rescue operations of avalanche victims.